Programming Life: Gigabase

Brogramming for life: Gigabase is your virtual cell. Give it infrastructure, give it metabolites. Add metabolism and protein synthesis. Finally design some DNA and some transporters. Press simulate and see how the metabolites are transpoterd, consumed and converted, while the other compounds are produced and synthesized. One day the virutal cell will turn design into real biological computers.

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Code, Coffee, Biology

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1. Endy - Adventures in synthetic biology
Introduction to molecular Biology
2.1. Understanding bioinformatics
2.2. Building biotechnology
Models for biobricks, gates and cel-elements
3.1 Synthetic gene networks
3.2. Mathematics of biology
Synthetic Biology and iGEM
4.1. Forster: MSB - 2006
4.2. RAEng: Synthetic biology - 2009
Overview of bioinformatics
5.1. What is bioinformatics
5.2. Bioinformatics Poster
5.3. Bioinformatics Challenges for Personalized Medicine
5.4. Trends in Computatioal Biology


Draft initial Product Vision and Planning
Final Initial Product Vision and Planning
First version of Emergent Architectural Design
First Scrum Plan
Draft Context Seminar Report
Final Context Seminar Report
First Peer-Review
Product Demo
Draft Emergent Architecture design (for feedback)
Upload source code for first evaluation by SIG
Second Peer-Review
Draft Product Vision and Planning
Draft Emergent Architectural Design
Draft Report and Product
Final Product Vision and Planning
Final Emergent Architectural Design
Final Report and Product
Upload source code for final evaluation by SIG

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